This week Katie, Sue, and Meagan celebrate one year of Runner Girls with a couple of new race recaps, a discussion about exercise induced asthma, and whether Mo Farah could beat Usain Bolt in a 600 or 800 meter race.

Resources for Exercise Induced Asthma:‎

Runner Girl Recommends:

Katie: Packing a “Race Bag”

Sue: Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt


Runner Girl of the Week:

Amanda B. on DailyMile

Weekly Scavenger Hunt:

A black cat, a weathervane, a hammock, a fire hydrant, Queen Anne's Lace

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This week Meagan, Katie, and Sue talk about the benefits of morning running versus night running, and share a new list of scavenger hunt items for you to find on your next run. Share your photos with us on Facebook, DailyMile, Instagram (with hashtag #runnergirlsphoto), tweet to our new Twitter account @RunnerGirlsShow, or email them to

Runner Girl Recommends:

Sue: Mino - Shoe mileage tracker

Meagan: Runners World Smart Coach

Katie: Emerald Breakfast on the Go

Runner Girl of the Week:

Sabrina J. on DailyMile

Weekly Scavenger Hunt List:

a red mailbox

black eyed susans

a tire swing

something orange

a goat


This week Katie, Meagan, and Sue discuss running in the heat, diving into bushes during a run, and introduce the first weekly scavenger hunt list. Share your photos with us on Facebook, DailyMile, Instagram (with hashtag #runnergirlsphoto), or email them to

Listen now: Episode 2: Becoming a Super Soaker

Running in the Heat Resources:

How to Acclimate to the Heat



Runner Girl Recommends:

Meagan: Optimum Nutrition Double Rich Chocolate Protein Powder

Katie: Your Doctor

Sue: Jeff Galloway's Race Prediction Calculator

Runner Girl of the Week:

Tammy K on DailyMile

Weekly Scavenger Hunt List:

a puddle

a rabbit

a yard sale

a garden gnome

a car in disrepair


Sue, Katie, and Meagan are back with Season 3, and this time the Runner Girls are training to run a faster 5K race. Find out what the Runner Girls have been up to since last season, and how they plan to train for their 5K goals.

Runner Girl Recommends:

Katie: - Personalized baseball hats, tanks, sunglasses, even running shorts!!

Sue: Hood to Coast documentary

Meagan: - Personalized video shoe recommendations

Runner Girl of the Week:

Jackie K. on DailyMile

Also Mentioned on the show:

IT Band Rehab Routine - Thanks Lauren!