Season 3, Episode 15: A Tired Teacher

October 31, 2013

This week Meagan, Katie, and Sue talk running streaks with Lauren Estilow of the United States Running Streak Association. We also find out how Meagan's first track practice went, if Katie got her grades back in order, and how the girls plan to celebrate Halloween.

Running Streak Links:
United States Running Streak Association
Lauren Estilow's Donation Page for the Organization for Autism Research
Lauren Estilow on Facebook

Runner Girl Recommends:
Sue -
Katie - The Road Runners Club of America
Meagan - Your local parks

Runner Girl of the Week:

Stephanie from Los Angeles on DailyMile

Scavenger Hunt List:
A Trick or Treater, a race bib, a bumper sticker, a jack-o-lantern, a rake

Also mentioned on the show:
Groovy Baby Action Gear Arm Sleeves

Season 3, Episode 14: Running Better Than The Government

October 22, 2013

This week Meagan, Katie, and Sue talk running in costumes - how to choose a costume, how to run in costume, and which superhero costume each of us would run in.

Links to Running in Costume Articles:
Bring Fun into your Run and Wear a Costume
Running in Costume
Running in Makeup

Runner Girl Recommends:
Katie: Project Free TV
Meagan: "Ghosts" by Mayday Parade from Monsters in the Closet
Sue: “Daniels Running Formula” by Jack Daniels

Runner Girl of the Week:
Christie R. on DailyMile

Scavenger Hunt List:

A barn, a pile of firewood, a ghost, memorabilia from a local college or university, a bird’s nest

Also mentioned on the show:
Roo Sport
NuRoo Pocket
Motivational Quotes for Athletes

Season 3, Episode 13: I Ran, I Ran, I Ran

October 15, 2013

This week Katie, Meagan, and Sue are joined by Carol, Brittney, and Sam on our first listener show of Season 3. Katie looks forward to her next 5k, Meagan looks forward to cooler weather, and Sue looks forward to being able to run at all.

Runner Girl Recommends:

Sue: Apples

Runner Girl of the Week:

Julia V. on DailyMile

Scavenger Hunt List:
Halloween decorations, a running trail, a horse, a traffic light, and a “for sale” sign

Also Mentioned on the Show:

Carol's Blog -

Season 3, Episode 12: Fluff and Buffs

October 10, 2013

This week the Runner Girls are talking trail running with the experienced ultramarathoners and hosts of Trail Runner Nation -  Scott, Don, and Faith - who tell us about some of their first trail and ultra experiences, and what the trail gods have taught them along the way. We also get a race recap from Sue, learn about mock trials from Katie, and Meagan tells us about "fluff and buffs".

Many thanks to Scott, Don, and Faith from Trail Runner Nation podcast, who you can find at and on iTunes.

Runner Girl Recommends:

Meagan: Sports Massage
Katie: RunTastic Pro - a free download right now through the Starbucks app

Runner Girl of the Week:
Mae Lynn on DailyMile

Scavenger Hunt List:
Running shoes, a school bus, a church, colder weather gear, and a pumpkin

Season 3, Episode 11: Wash, Rinse, and Repeat

October 2, 2013

Sue, Katie, and Meagan are back from their week off, and talking about the podcasts they listen to while running. Katie shares a race recap, Sue becomes the new "Runner Girl who doesn't run", Katie explains shagging, and Meagan explains StarCraft.

Podcasts mentioned on the show:
Nerdist Podcast
Stuff You Should Know
Stuff You Missed in History Class
The Alton Brown Cast
Pop Culture Happy Hour
Good Job Brain
Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!
This American Life
Marathon Training Academy
Kentucky Sports Radio (Talk Radio 1080 WKJK)
The No Sleep Podcast

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!
Car Talk
Runner Academy
True Geek Radio
Day[9] Daily

Marathon Talk
Trail Runner Nation
Ultrarunner Podcast
Two Gomers Run for their Lives
House of Run
Doug Loves Movies
Put Your Hands Together
Judge John Hodgman
Mike and Tom Eat Snacks
NPR Ask Me Another
Hollywood BabbleOn
The 40 Year Old Boy

Runner Girl Recommends:

Katie: Revamped Nike+ Running App used in combination with the nikeplus website
Meagan: Gibson's Daily Running Quotes on Facebook

Runner Girl of the Week:

Nancy from VA on DailyMile

Scavenger Hunt List:

A birdhouse, a track, your gps watch, your water bottle, a headband